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Admission Criteria

Different Eligibility Criteria for MS Computer Science.

MS-CS Eligibility Criteria

The minimum required marks/grades for admission in MS ( Computer Science) will be as follows;

  1. 2.5/4.00 CGPA or 60% in an Annual System.
  2. All candidates are required to pass the GCU Graduate Assessment Test ( general) for MS/MPHil Admission to be conducted through NTS.
  3. The schedule of registration and test shall be announced at appropriate time.
  4. a. BS (CS) 4-Year Degree Programme. OR b. Computer Science Conversion Course i.e. 2-Year Degree Programme refered to as MCS or MSc (CS). OR c. 16-year graduates having any of the following degree as eligible with the condition that they will cover deficiency courses.
    • Software Engineering
    • Information Technology
    • Telecommunication
    • Computational Physics
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Electronics
    • Bioinformatics

Result Awaiting students can apply but they should submit their result before interview call, (normally in September).
Credit Hours: In order to seek admission in MS in Computer Science, the applicants must have degrees with the following number of Credit Hours.

  1. In case of BS(Hons) 4-years degree: 130 Credit Hours
  2. In case of two years masters degree (after 14 years of education) 70 Credit Hours.
Deficiency Courses
The students who get admission in MS Computer Science and have any one of the degree other than BS/MSc Computer Science, will have to qualify Deficiency courses before regular enrollment in MS Computer Science;
List of Deficiency Courses
  1. Programming Fundamentals.
  2. Operating Systems.
  3. Software Engineering.
  4. Theory of Automata.
  5. Design and Analysis of Algorithms.
  6. Computer Architecture and Organization.
  7. Database management Systems.
  8. Data Communication and Computer Networks.