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Admission Criteria

BS-CS Eligibility Criteria

Minimum 50% Marks with following combination in Intermediate.

  1. F. Sc Pre Engineering/Pre Medical with Additional Mathematics.
  2. ICS/General Science with following combinations
    1. Mathematics, Statistics, Physics
    2. Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics
    3. Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics
    4. Mathematics, Statistics, Economics
    5. Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics
  3. A Levels Certificate same combinations as above.
  4. Equivalence Certification from IBCC.
  5. Other foreign qualifications are eligible only if an equivalence certificate is issued by IBCC
DAE or other Diploma holders are not eligible for admission in BS(CS) program in GC University Lahore.
I.Com/D.Com certified candidates are not eligible.
Result Awaiting students who have appeared in 2017 can apply for Entry test.
Please note that Online registration, Entry Test Slip and Entry Test result declaration does not mean that a candidates eligibility has been checked and he/she qualifies for admission.
Eligibility will be determined by checking original documents, before admission. Admission shall be cancelled if a candidate submits wrong information, or shows fake documents.

BS-CS Merit Formula

Minimum 50% marks will be required in Intermediate Result.
Admission will be based upon following Merit Formula,
Intermediate marks: 60% weightage
Entry test : 40% weightage
Previous Year Merit was approximately 69.72% in last merit list.
Example: Candidate Intermediate Marks=670, and Entry Test Marks=40
Simplified Aggregate Formula: (Intermediate Marks x 3/55) + (Entry Test Marks x 0.8)
Simplified Formula: Candidate Aggregate= (670 x 3/55) + (40 x 0.8) = 68.545454545455
(Note: You will see an approximation on the basis of marks entered by yourself.
Correct aggregate will be calculated after result verification from Board)