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Admission Criteria

BS-CS Merit Criteria

Previous Year (2016) Merit:

  1. BSCS Morning: 72.08%.
  2. BSCS Evening: 69.67%

Minimum 50% marks will be necessary in Intermediate.
Admission will be based upon following merit formula,
  1. Intermediate marks: 60% weightage
  2. Entry test : 40% weightage

Aggregate Formula: (Intermediate Marks x 60/100) + (Entry Test Marks x 40/100)
Example: Let Candidate Intermediate Marks=670 out of 1100
let Candidate Entry Test Marks=40 out of 50
Shortcut method for Merit calculation.
Aggregate Formula: (Intermediate Marks x 3/55) + (Entry Test Marks x 0.8)
Candidate Aggregate: (670 x 3/55) + (40 x 0.8) = 68.545454545455
(Note: You will see an approximation on the basis of marks entered by yourself.
Correct aggregate will be calculated after result verification from Board)